Makers’ Minute – Lavishea Lotion Bar

Katie introduces you to this brand new scent of Lavishea made just for Makers’ Mercantile! It’s called ‘Nuts About Chocolate’ and is sure to be your new favorite scent!

Shop for this product here


Hi, I’m Katie and this is your Makers’ Minute! Today we talk about the knitters’ best friend, the Lavishea Lotion Bar.

This scent was made just for Makers’ Mercantile! It’s called Nuts About Chocolate. For any of you who have been lucky enough to visit our brick and mortar store, you know that we also have an amazing in-house gluten-free bakery called Rylie Cakes.

The reason we partnered with Lavishea is because they have an amazing track record, especially with crafters. The reason Lavishea has become such a popular lotion bar among knitters and crocheters is because after you use it there’s no leftover greasy residue and you can go right back to crafting.

Now you can bring a little piece of Makers’ Mercantile and Rylie Cakes along with you anywhere you go. Go ahead and shop for our exclusive scent of this Lavishea lotion bar right now at


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