Makers’ Minute – Allen Designs

Katie discusses unique bags, coasters and journals from Allen Designs in this Makers’ Minute!


All items in this video may be purchase via the link below:…




Hi, I’m Katie Rempe, and on your Makers’ Minute today we’re learning about Michelle Allen Designs. Michelle Allen is located right here in the Pacific North West.

What exactly does Allen Designs have to offer? Let me show you.

Video with a text: Coasters… set of 4

Video with a text: Coin Purse… Stitch Marker Central

Video with a text: Wristlet Bag… Fits your phone!

Video with a text: Small cosmetic Bag… Perfect for larger notions

Video with a text: Large Cosmetic Bag… Did someone say Sock Bag?

Video with a text: Journal… For all your deep dark secrets

Video with a text: Shopping Bags! One for your sweater… and afghan… and new yarn!

Video with a text: Cat Lovers… Your cat will climb in these bags

Video with a text: You’re a Woot… All Things Owls!

All these Michelle Allen Designs can be purchased through


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